June 19, 2005

Wedding Photography Anaheim Hills Mansion

This beautiful young couple got married in a remarkably HUGE mansion somewhere in Anaheim Hills. Brittany/Ricky - I hope you guys had an awesome time during your honeymoon!

Tags: Orange County wedding photography, Anaheim Hills wedding photographer, backyard wedding in a mansion


Tiffany said...

She is very cute, and nice capture of the grounds - it looks as if it is framed by the vegetation. Real classy looking place. How much did they charge to book this place?

jen said...

I love that capture (top right) of the little girl in the aisle - so oblivious to the wedding, and cute. Nice candid, or should I say "photojournalitic" shot.

Bumatay said...

Hey Tiffany

email me and I'll give you all that info! Thanks.


Nicole said...

Hi Greg! Can you please send me the info for the location that you shot this wedding. Thank You.