November 25, 2005

Wedding Photography Saint Andrew Catholic Church Pasadena

Ana and David got married in probably the most beautiful church I've ever phootgraphed in - Saint Andrew Catholic Church in Pasadena, CA. It had some amazing marble pillars and a magnificently tall ceiling - I'm glad I had the super wide lens with me. (click on the image above to see a larger view) Right after the ceremony, we (plus Sam, one of my associate photographers) stopped by Cal Tech to shoot the bridal portraits. That was a blast! Cal Tech is a gorgeous campus. Although at the end of our shoot, security came and told us we weren't allowed to shoot there without a paid permit. Totally lucky there, coz we just barely finished and got away with it! (see the slideshow)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture, but your slideshow appears broken - no images show up after the "loading" message.

Bumatay said...

Thanks! I tested it on different computers, and it works great!