January 07, 2006

Wedding Photography Summit House Fullerton

Here is Melissa and Jay's wedding (see slideshow!) to kick off 2006. This was a really fun and special wedding, as they're friends from church and I know Melissa's family and relatives. It was a little different to shoot a wedding where I knew most of the people, but it was definately exciting. I was fortunate to have Sam assist - he got some great shots, which are included in the slideshow. The reception was at Summit House, Fullerton (hey I was just there last week!) and they put on a really awesome performance of Filipino cultural dances. So check the slideshow!

And just in case you missed the bridal session we did at the UCLA Japanese Gardens, here is that slideshow. Enjoy!
Tags: Orange County wedding photography at Summit House in Fullerton, Ca


Holritz Photography said...

Amazing Greg.

I watched it a second time... and cried again. Powerful stuff.

You rock.


shayshay said...


Thank you for sharing this event. The pictures you took are so full of life and I love how you can tell us their story.