February 18, 2006

Wedding Photography Angelo's and Vinci's Fullerton

Camille and Daniel (both from Costa Rica) are one of my favorite couples - they were so fun to shoot! Both ceremony and reception took place at a lovely restaurant called Angelo's and Vinci's in old town Fullerton. What made it enjoyable (for me) was their willingness to try different things, their free spirited attitude, and the genuine love you can see in their expressions - here are some of my shots: (see the slideshow)
Tags: Orange County wedding photography, Angelos and Vincis restaurant wedding pictures, Fullerton Wedding Photographer
And this day will be one unforgettable experience for me because I had the chance to shoot with Frank and Luke (see the post below)


Crys :D said...

hi there! found your link accidentally.. your pics are absolutely wonderful!

am just wondering now, what are the names of the instrumental pieces you have that play along with your slideshows? namely the ones for http://bumataystudio.com/Sato/ and for

Please let me know!
Thanks, Crys :D

Bumatay said...

Here it is: