April 01, 2006

Wedding Photography Ebell Club Long Beach

Wow I've been so incredibly busy the last few weeks! And it's gonna be crazy for many more weeks to come. Sorry if my posts are lagging - but I'm catching up and have a ton of changes/improvements to the main website (be sure to check back here periodically) If I didn't/haven't posted any events, I'm sorry! It's just impossible right now to keep up with everything going on.


I did have a chance to look at Mari and Patrick's wedding pictures and they look gorgeous! It took place at The Ebell Club in Long Beach, a beautiful venue that hardly anyone knows about. It may not be there for long because the property is up for sale.

The building interior is beautifully designed so we (Danny and I) had no problems getting great shots there. But when we went to the beach (Long Beach doesn't really have scenic beaches) we had to do a little improvising. Can you guess what the beautiful blue backgrounds are?

Yup, those are recycling containers! Sometimes you just have to be adaptable in different situations in order to come up with something unique. Click here to see their wedding slideshow!
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Mari said...


I've checking your blog every day and it's finally here!!!!

How exciting!!!!!!

Christina G said...

I love this slideshow! These are truly wonderful images. Keep it up, and thanks for sharing.

Bj Hickman said...

The Ebell Club is and will be alive and well for a long time to come. The "for sale" signs you saw are for the newly developed lofts on the east side of the building.