July 01, 2006

Wedding Photography Grand Pacific Palisades Carlsbad

Congratulations to Stacy and Stacy! They had their wedding and reception at the beautiful Grand Pacific Palisades in Carlsbad, CA. Stacy Boy and Stacy Girl have known each other for 16 years and they've been together for almost as long. So this special day brings them to a new chapter in their love story. Even thought they've been together for that long, you can see their love is as fresh and passionate as ever.

Stacy Girl was such a natural model - she looked stunning!

I love this captured kiss!

Here's a few more of my images (Click here to see their slideshow)
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Assistant Shooter: Jasmine Star


Jillian Kay said...

WOW. that kiss shot ROCKS!!

Alireza said...

Your blog is very good.
the photos are nice.
Have a good day...

Forever In This Moment said...

Holy moly! Yes, that is sooooooo insane! Love the light kiss. we have our first wedding there in September, it looks lovely.