July 29, 2006

Wedding Photography Pomona Valley Mining Company

Andy and Marissa's wedding took place at Glenkirk Presbyterian Church in Glendora, followed by a reception at the Pomona Valley Mining Company. It was definitely the biggest wedding I've done so far, at over 450 people!

What made it kind of hectic wasn't the event itself, but there was a film crew following me around - they filmed me shooting while I endorsed The Sureshot System. It was really strange to be shooting and to be filmed at the same time. But soon I'll be seen on informercials nationwide! The rest of the day went pretty smooth and we (Jasmine Star was with me as second shooter again on this one)got some really nice shots. Click here to see a few of my favorite images (slideshow)

It's not a Filipino party without the Tinikling dancers!

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Anonymous said...

the veil shot is beautiful... wonderful! ++

karl said...

In all my weddings here in the Philippines, I haven't photographed a single Tinikling dancing ever lol.

Forever In This Moment said...

WOW!I love visiting your blog, your work is stunning! This made me laugh, our new clients expect us to be Filipino, with all of the Filipino weddings on our site! I love it! Our Filipino brides & their families are the sweetest most welcoming people. The moms always make sure we are eating.:O) Thanks for inspiring me!