August 05, 2006

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Huntington Beach Wedding Photography

Barbara and Lars were blessed with a beautiful day for their wedding. The ceremoney was to be held at the Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa and the reception was at the Meadowlark Golf Course in Huntington Beach.

The first little surprise was that the officient ended up being none other than Pastor Chuck Smith! I've heard his Bible teachings quite a few times on the radio - KWAVE 95.9 FM, and he's instumental in the Calvary Chapel churches.

I was very fortunate to have Drew Bittel shoot for me on this day because she's a very talented photographer, but when we were shooting Barb and Lars' portraits at the golf club poor Drew was hit by a golf ball! Fortunately she wasn't hurt even though the ball hit her forearm form midair. And she was standing just a few feet away from Barbara! I just can't imagine if did hurt any one of us... needless to say, we got away with some nice shots of the happy couple!

This gorgeous cake was created by Goldilocks Bakery.

Here are a few of my favorite images in a slideshow (click here)
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-Vue- said...

The sun image is nice!! That is one TALL cake haha must have been a huge wedding party.

Bumatay said...

That cake was so tall! I wish I had a picture of myself standing next to it so you can see exactly how tall...

DrewB said...

Ouchie! That golf ball hurt! Everytime I shoot at a golf course now I'm super paranoid :)

Great shots Greg!!!

karl said...

Is the Goldilocks Bakery the same as the Filipino franchise? Man if it is... they don't make wedding cakes like that here.