September 03, 2006

Wedding Photography Downtown Disney

It's another hot weekend in sunny Southern California. Luckily we had plenty of shade at Missy and Steven's wedding ceremony at Santiago Canyon. The shade under the old oak trees provided excellent lighting for us (Sean was second shooting), the light breeze helped us forget about the heat, and our model couple were ready for some romantic portraits. Click here to see my favorite pics in a slideshow!

The ceremony was followed by a reception in Downtown Disney at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. Here we continued the romantic photo session, and it was sizzling hot!

One of my favorite shots of the day with Missy looking great in her Monique Lhuillier gown and Steven propping her up on this cool piano. They were so lost in the moment that I think they forgot I was taking pictures.

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Bentley said...

Love that piano shot...simply striking!!!

Anonymous said...

that piano is smoking! You have to share more from there!

Great colors! Great composure. ++

Anonymous said...

That slideshow was fantastic! Very romantic and vibrant colors!


Lloyd said...

Gosh I love the colours! We don't have colourful places like that around here. I'm so jealous!

Some fantastic work! Looking forward++ to seeing more from you!

Jasmine said...

The colors are BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow, Greg, just wow.

**It must be the sure shot system! ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree! The piano shot is outstanding ... very classic. And the lighting is superb! Your work is amazing!! ++


karl said...

I love how the color pops out. Great job man!