September 16, 2006

Westin South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa Wedding Photography

It seemed not too long ago that I photographed Mercedez and Neil's engagement session (click here to see it). I remember having so much fun that day, and I was telling JT from Arizona (my friend and awesome photographer who came down to shoot with me) about how they were reluctant to kiss. But when they did try to kiss, they would always burst out in laughter! Well during their wedding we tried to get them to kiss again, and guess what they did?
Uncontrolable laughter!

Killer shot by JT, one of my favorites.

Mercedez and Neil did really great during their photo session (click here to view a slideshow of my fav pics)

Here is a shot of JT's "Blue Steel"

And we had a little fun getting the dress shots. Wanna know how I got this cool shot?

Check it out!

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Anonymous said...

That first shot was killer!

Did they bust out laughing during their ceremony after the pastor announced, "You may now kiss the bride"?

I bet JT was a blast to work with, too!

I love how you get those awesome dress shots ;) ++

Lloyd said...

Gosh, you REALLY have a way of making colour POP! I LOVE it! You're an amazing photographer!!! A++

Julie Walton Shaver said...

Yeah, I agree with Lloyd. SO inspiring! A++ from me too. Love the shoes and the dress, but mostly, the bride-in-veil. Love the composition.

Jill Higgins said...

I love the veil shot - especially the color (the little bit of blue) - and then I love how it goes with the detail dress shot! :) ++

Lisa said...

I've always loved your work-
and LOVE JT in the dress!!!

Anonymous said...

I was really loving the image of the bride through the veil. Then I saw boy wonder holding the dress for you. I assume he's standing on a chair ready to fall off. Great stories we collect as we do this.

Beautiful work- The first image of the laughter is stunning. Il love the color and vignette combination.++

Kurt Hilmerson said...

Greg - Absolutely stunning images! The colors you are getting are just incredible. ++


Anonymous said...

the shoe shot it really cool too++

Anonymous said...

Awesome images! Looks like you and JT had a blast working together!

I also love the image you captured of them laughing together. That shot is a keeper! ++

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha... JT - Blue Steel & Dress Hanger.
Great images all around!!

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha... JT - Blue Steel & Dress Hanger.
Great images all around!!