January 27, 2007

Almost Kiss Wedding Photography

When two people like Beatrice and Alan are in love, it's easy for them to get lost in each other's eyes. There's no doubt about it, they are in love. It shows in their actions, their tenderness, and it shows in the pictures. I love what I do because it allows me to capture not only beautiful images, but beautiful moments.

Britney and I met up with Beatrice and Alan at Schabarum Park in Rowland Heights for their romantic photo session. I've been excited about this because it was a blast shooting their engagement pics in Newport Beach. At the park I had them walk in a grove of these gorgeous trees that are in bloom. It happened to be cloudy this day so the lighting was exquisite!

There is this one little bridge that's picture perfect.

And the elegant Beatrice...

I did not let them kiss at all before their wedding ceremony, so they had to "Almost Kiss"
Wedding Photography for Los Angeles and Orange County

And they got really good at "almost kissing"!

Of course we had to include Alan's new Porsche.

And one preview image of the ceremony.

Expanding the Studio

Our dream is to live close to The Great Park when it is completed. So with all the news talking about real estate taking a plunge, we've started looking around for investment property. If the market keeps getting better (for us) then we're definitely going to buy a second home/studio. That's one of the steps we plan to implement in order to build up to our dream home. We want to invest in enough property and combine those so that we can reserve a nice spot within the new communities planned for The Great Park. So we started looking at some townhomes around the new developments in Irvine, CA.

It was actually really fun seeing some cool properties and to imagine our second studio in Irvine. I love the new designs that have tall ceilings throughout...

Cool decorating ideas too.

For some reason this room in particular was calling out to me (is it the painting?)

January 20, 2007

Mission Inn Riverside Wedding Photography

Today I had the honor of documenting Kristen and Matt's wedding which took place at the historical Mission Inn, Riverside.

I decided to process these images in grainy black and white to accentuate the romantic feel of this truly uniqe venue. When I'm here it feels like I'm in a different country.

The Mission Inn showcases amazing architecture, ornate details, and everywhere you turn there's a gorgeous background for pictures! The place naturally sparks romance in everyone and you can see in the images that Kristen and Matt are no exception.

Click on any image to view it larger and to see the intricate details in architecture.

* edit: Ok I couldn't resist, I'm adding this one color image of the rotunda - I felt I wasn't doing the Mission Inn justice without including a picture of their incredible staircase. Be sure to click on this image to see it large so you can check out the details!

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January 15, 2007

Engagement Pictures Balboa Peninsula Newport Beach

A couple of months ago I did a fun and romantic engagement shoot with Beatrice and Alan at the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. We started on Balboa Island where all the small shops and restaurants are. This is a great place to take a date because there's the boardwalk, the shops, the ferris wheel, the restaurants, and there's the ferry.

We ended up taking that ferry across to take more pictures by the sand. I remember the waters and the sky being so blue that day.

And the sunset here is spectacular! They're actually getting married in less than two weeks so be sure to come back and view their wedding pictures here.

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