December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

This year Reb, Lily, and myself wanted to see some Christmas lights so we made a short trip to Naples in Long Beach. We enjoyed our walk around the island and paused at each house that had amazing Christmas lights. Here's a couple of images from our walk:

The residents here really love to decorate their beautiful homes and they host an annual contest. It was also nice to see that everyone here were super friendly - it looked like we were in a Christmas movie where people were singing or saying "Hello and Merry Christmas!" The only thing missing was the fake snow falling down.

Reb pointing out one of her favorite houses.

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cforet1 said...

Greg, I love doing just that--driving around looking at Christmas lights--such a huge magical part of the season. Your images portray that sense of wonder. I know that must have been so much fun. Did you enjoy some hot cocoa? I love your work and the inspiration I garner from it. Thank you!

Carole Foret