February 23, 2007

Los Angeles Photography

Miguel and I were scouting locations in Downtown Los Angeles a few weeks ago for a project we're working on together. We ended up chatting with a few gentlemen on the streets and they had some interesting stories as to how they came to L.A.

In the process of getting to know these gentlemen we realized that each of them had a story to tell. Let me introduce Brent who ended up in Los Angeles about six years ago after being beaten and abducted. Since that time his life has been a tale of survival and he wanted us to come back and hear the complete story.

And this is Red from buffalo. His world was turned upside down after a series of events that brought him to L.A.

Their stories will continue as we gather more photos and details.
Tags: Los Angeles photographers, urban photojournalism, exploring photography


Chris+Lynn said...

These images are incredibly moving...and hearing the stories behind them is a reminder of how lucky we are. Looking forward to seeing more from this project - very powerful.

Jasmine said...

Yes, these images are moving indeed. Wow, Greg, I look forward to what you're going to do with these images!

Jules said...

These are nice images, Greg. I especially like the texture on the last one.

cforet1 said...

Greg, these images are phenomenal of these men. You could do a documentary. Wow. We don't know how blessed we are!

Congratulations on your new baby coming!! How awesome! I know you all are so excited. Blessings to all of you!

Neal Jacob Photography said...

These are awesome images. I'd love to hear their stories. A few years ago some friends and I got a bunch of pizzas and walked around DC just giving out pizza to the homeless. A few years ago, my wife and I served dinner at a shelter. These guys have powerful stories to tell and you did an awesome job capturing them! ++