February 06, 2007

Corporate Photography Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey

It's such a blessing to cover corporate events once in a while. I'm documenting the Toyota Financial Services (TFS) Brand Energizer Conference 2007 this week at the Ritz Carlton, Marina del Rey.

From the moment I stepped out of my car I knew I was in for an experience. Each employee greeted me with genuine smiles and by the time I got to the check in counter, they were all calling me "Mr. Bumatay" - and they even pronounced my name correctly! (boo muh tie) The check in was smooth and quick, but I stayed a little bit because I was engaged in a pleasant conversation with the Ritz associates. And they didn't just point me to the elevator, they continued our conversation by walking with me to it. That's beyond customer service, I don't even know what to call it!

This conference is all about embedding the TFS brand which involves excellence in customer focus, speed, integrity, unity of purpose, and performance. And what better place to use as an example of branding than the Ritz Carlton?

The conference kicked off with a dinner cruise on a yacht. Although this night turned out to be really foggy, everyone still had a great time!

View from the yacht - the Ritz looked so majestic despite the fog.

Facilitator Rick Wood did a fantastic job leading the conference with his unique style of teaching. But if anybody were even a second late to each session, there were consequences...

each person that was tardy had to do the "I was late cheer"!

The second night was a treat to one of my favorite restaurants - Cheesecake Factory!

Here are the Brand Energizers that came from all over the U.S. for this event.

If I were to work a corporate job all over again, I would wish it were for Toyota. They truly know how to be the brand!

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//ed pingol said...

awesome photos. LOVE the detail shot of the RITZ logo.


Jules said...

HEY! My car is financed through TFS. You mean to tell me there's real people behind those bills they send me every month? I LOVE my Toyota, though, and don't mind writing that check! Great shots, Greg. Love the group shot.