May 25, 2007

Wedding Photography The Hacienda Santa Ana

Chiara and Vincent are one of the most adorable couples I've met. They are both laid back, fun to be around, romantic, and are always up to do almost anything for pictures! I love those types of couples. They held their wedding at The Hacienda which is a historic house in Orange County. This venue gave us so many options when taking pictures, really cool architecture, the lighting was exquisite, and it was all in one location. Below are a few of my personal favorites, and you can click here to see their slideshow.

We started with a photo session of "The First Meeting" at the Irvine Marrioot.

Sometimes in order to get that killer shot you have to put the bride and groom to work! (j/k of course)

Wedding photos at The Hacienda Santa Ana, Orange County wedding photography

May 23, 2007

Disney Wedding Photography Orange County

Here are a few more pictures from Katie and Mike's wedding at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. Click here for the teaser slideshow. Enjoy!

Their story is like one taken right out of a Shakespeare play. Katie and Mike met while working together on Romeo and Juliet. Both actors and leading characters, they fell in love on stage. They moved out to California to pursue their careers and have never been apart since. On their wedding day, family and friends came from all over the U.S. to join them. What a magical place to stay for the weekend!

I was amazed during the reception at the amount of talented people who stood up to recite poems for Katie and Mike. I can't even fully describe the love and care their families have for them. First it was Katie's sister who delivered one heck of a poem about them, then stood up her parents, then Mike's mom, then his brother, and then Katie's aunt! They ALL wrote wonderful poems. It was touching to see so many people care so much about them because every single poem was personal, imaginitive, loving, even whimsical. My favorite was the one that Mike's brother wrote, and it was entirely composed of movie titles! Maybe I can get a copy of it to post...

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May 20, 2007

The Grand Californian Downtown Disney Wedding Photography

Here's a few preview images of Katie and Mike's wedding. The ceremony and reception took place at The Grand Californian at Disney! I'll post a slideshow with more pictures from their wedding, so stay tuned...

Wedding photography at The Grand Californian in Disney, a Disney fantasy wedding, Downtown Disney wedding photos, Orange County wedding photographer

May 19, 2007

St. Andrew Catholic Church Pasadena Wedding Photography

I've been excited about Gregory and Rosalie's wedding for a long time now since I found out that their ceremony was to take place at St. Andrew's Catholic Church in Pasadena. The reason(s) why is because
1. Gregory and Rosalie are so supportive of my photography, they truly appreciate my creativity and are up to try anything.
2. St. Andrew is one of the most spectacular churches I've ever seen in Southern California. The interior is vast, the huge different colored marble pillars are amazing, the set of stained glass windows are gorgeous, the altar has this beautifully painted dome, and everything else is ornately decorated.

I'm blessed that my associates Tim and Jay came along to shoot with me this day - we got all the angles covered! Here's a cool shot from Tim on the balcony:

Click here for the teaser slideshow!
Saint Andrews Catholic Church Pasadena wedding photos, Pasadena wedding pictures, Los Angeles wedding photography

May 15, 2007

Wedding Photography Cancun Mexico

I'm back from an extended stay in Cancun!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I didn't even have internet access (it was agonizing) where I was staying. I'll be playing catch up most of this week. Overall it was a really much needed break. I'm rested and ready for a super busy wedding season! Now I just have to ramp up on everything, I also apologize for the slow response to voicemails (I updated my email but I forgot to change my voicemail to notify everyone I was out of the country - oops)

I couldn't believe at how clear and BLUE the ocean was right in front of our hotel. Rebekah had a blast playing for the first time in the beach and running from the waves!

Read more on Reb's blog!

Just before we headed off to Cancun, I found out my buddy Chris Uglanica from Canada was gonna be there at the same time! He was shooting a destination wedding for Tara and Nick and we ended up hooking up to shoot together. Thanks to my lovely (and very understanding) wife Lily, she was cool to let me go for part of the day to help out Chris. It was a beautiful wedding at Iberostar Paraiso Resort. Here are a few pics from Tara and Nicks wedding:

During the ceremony this lady decides to move her lounge chair so as to be in the wedding pictures while she sun bathed nude! Click on these two images and look closely...

Unbelievable, but we all had a laugh about it!

More pics...

And we met some pretty funny (or should I say loaded) people on the beach who were good sports about posing for us...

A HUGE THANKS to Chris for inviting me, and for Tara and Nick for having me at their wedding!!! Congrats guys!

More pics on Chris' blog.
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