May 23, 2007

Disney Wedding Photography Orange County

Here are a few more pictures from Katie and Mike's wedding at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. Click here for the teaser slideshow. Enjoy!

Their story is like one taken right out of a Shakespeare play. Katie and Mike met while working together on Romeo and Juliet. Both actors and leading characters, they fell in love on stage. They moved out to California to pursue their careers and have never been apart since. On their wedding day, family and friends came from all over the U.S. to join them. What a magical place to stay for the weekend!

I was amazed during the reception at the amount of talented people who stood up to recite poems for Katie and Mike. I can't even fully describe the love and care their families have for them. First it was Katie's sister who delivered one heck of a poem about them, then stood up her parents, then Mike's mom, then his brother, and then Katie's aunt! They ALL wrote wonderful poems. It was touching to see so many people care so much about them because every single poem was personal, imaginitive, loving, even whimsical. My favorite was the one that Mike's brother wrote, and it was entirely composed of movie titles! Maybe I can get a copy of it to post...

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Ricki Ford said...

That slide show Rocked!! You are an awesome photographer.