June 19, 2007

Travel Photography Cedar Rapids Iowa

I'm away this week doing a corporate shoot for Toyota Financial Services (TFS) in Cedar Rapids, IA. The weather right now is absolutely gorgeous, and I love how it's so green out here (lots of trees and farms all around the city). I had some time to explore the dowtown area so I took a few snapshots. Here's one of the historical courthouse from across the river:
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This one from the other side of Cedar Lake:
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I should be back by this Friday!
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Matt Krug said...

Glad you are enjoying your stay with us in Cedar Rapids. Stop by our visitor information center downtown or our website if we can help you in any way.

Bumatay said...

Hi Matt

That's cool - how did you find this post so fast?! I just put it up late last night. I'll try to stop by the visitors center this afternoon. I'm thinking about visiting the Amana Colonies or Brucemore mansion.