August 05, 2007

It Was an "Accident"

So I did the TTD at the beach (see last post below) and ended up in the water several times. The waves were coming in pretty rough that day so the inevitable happened - I was drenched. In all the excitement I didn't realize my cell phone was in my pocket, and my camera in hand. Both were submerged multiple times in sea water, and luckily my Mark IIn is fairly water tight. Unfortunately my cell phone wasn't quite as robust. Everything was fried inside and anything that wasn't zapped by the battery was coated with crystallized saltwater. For some reason though, I just couldn't be bummed out by this. It just seemed so natural to run to my ATT/Cingular dealer to pick up the new iPhone. = D

The funny thing about it was that Wells (the guy at the ATT store) just wouldn't believe that I "accidentally" wet the old cell phone. My wife doesn't believe it was an accident because I've been raving about the iPhone for weeks until the -ahem- unfortunate incident. Destroying my old cell phone so that I'd have to buy a new one wasn't intentional. Besides, the iPhone was a good business investment. I needed it because it allows me to integrate my calendar, emails, and contacts much easier than any other cell phone. And a really cool feature it has that's already helped me is the Google map and traffic information. It's like having my laptop (with internet connection) with me anywhere!


sdohana said...

i have to say greg, i don't believe a word! only becuz every chance you got you were in the ocean saving brides like a life guard disregarding your own safety let alone the safety of your ole cell phone! congrats on the new phone man. maybe the LA TTD is where i'll magically drop my phone in front of a passing bus.

Nataly Lemus said...

You deserved the iPhone after all the waves you took to get some amazing images!

Chris Uglanica said...

Hey Greg.

A likely story bro. haha. Congrats on getting the new phone. Gotta love the weathersealing on the 1 Series camera though eh! That would not have been a good item to have an "accident" with.... :o(