November 25, 2007

Three! Three! Three!

Happy happy birthday to my Rebekah! She just turned three years old, but she's in denial just like daddy. Ask her how old she is and she'll still convincingly claim to be "two". Just like daddy will be 25 on the 28th. ; )

November 24, 2007

Wedding Photography Summit House Fullerton

Simeon waited anxiously for Betty to come meet him for the first time on their wedding day. She was in the elevator on her way up. As the door opened, Simeon inched closer, and Betty slowly emerged toward him. I truly love capturing moments like this as they naturally fell into an intimate embrace. (click here to see their teaser slideshow)

Their ceremony was held at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fullerton, followed by the reception at Summit House.

See more of my favorite images in their teaser slideshow (click here)
Betty and Simeon Ling wedding pictures at Crown Plaza Hotel, St. Paul Lutheran Church , and Summit House in Fullerton, CA.
Summit House Fullerton wedding photographer, Orange County wedding photography

November 11, 2007

Mission Inn Riverside Wedding Photography

I had the pleasure of shooting Lani and Todd's wedding at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. Surrounded by Spanish architecture, the Mission Inn was once a monastery and it gave a glimpse of what Early California looked like in the days of the settlers. In here you'll encounter lush gardens, a maze of ornate structures, antique furnitures, amazing architecture, and unique sites. Around every corner is something fascinating.

My talented second shooter (Neil Rosales) and I scouted the grounds and were continuously awed by all the photo opps. Everywhere seemed like an ideal place for a photo shoot. I'm so glad that Lani and Todd allowed me to schedule a "first meeting" photo session. This gave us the chance to capture some very nice, romantic, timeless images of them within the famous Mission Inn.

The rotunda is one of my favorite spots!

More pictures in their teaser slideshow!
Mission Inn wedding photography, photos: Lani and Todd Tunstall wedding and reception pictures at the historic Mission Inn, Riverside, CA.
Riverside wedding photographer Greg Bumatay

November 10, 2007

Los Angeles Athletic Club Wedding Photography

A big congratulations to Marinela and Marc - they held their wedding and reception at the historic Los Angeles Athletic Club. I was fortunate to have my new pal Crissy Farah as my special guest shooter this day. We totally had a blast right from the beginning - we got there early to have a nice lunch. That's me and my 6" tall cheeseburger!

And Crissy with her seared ahi salad. Mmmmm...

Marinela looked ever so elegant in her Pronovias Obelix gown - she's such a natural model. She made it easy for us to capture some really classy images of her. And to think that Marinela even tried to tell me that she's shy. Ha!

Yeah, isn't she so shy?

Marinela and Marc had a romantic first meeting, but they weren't allowed to actually kiss until their ceremony. So they got really good doing the "almost kiss"!

We did a photo session in the streets of downtown L.A. where they got swarmed by real life paparazzi!

Sometimes I enjoy playing with texture in my images...

Of course we had to do the piano kiss, but then we found a pool table...

(This was after the wedding, so they were allowed to kiss!)

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Los Angeles Athletic Club wedding photography, photos: Marinela and Marc Hendon wedding at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, CA.
Los Angeles wedding photographer Greg Bumatay

November 09, 2007

Brides Vote Too

I saw an interesting article in this morning's news about brides and the current presidential election. So how are these two topics related? With so many weddings being planned for next year and so many brides preoccupied with all the details for their wedding, who has time to think about voting? Well, it's still very important to get out and vote and there are new and relevant issues for the bride-to-be. There's a website called where brides can go online to easily and quickly see information that's going to affect them as they get married in 2008.

After all, brides vote too, they just have a lot on their plate and need all the help they can get. Just don't forget to vote! (and no I didn't take that picture!)

November 07, 2007

Special Guest Jules Bianchi

Jules Bianchi came all the way down from Los Angeles to share her experience and knowledge with my wedding photography class at Cypress College. She's a talented speaker and mentor (be sure to check out Jules Cafe!), the students loved her and there was not a single empty seat in the room.

Jules gave an awesome presentation. She shared everything from her shooting techniques, to her digital workflow, branding and custom albums. She also had some great tips for outdoor and indoor lighting. Her album designs are simply amazing! I wished I got a shot of one. My personal highlight of the night was when she talked about being true to yourself. It is so important to live by what your say!

THANK YOU Jules! Here is our group action shot:

November 03, 2007

Wedding Photography Westin South Coast Plaza

Ryan and Beth were such a great couple to photograph - they were the sweetest couple that gave me time to be creative, were willing to walk to different locations and they were just fun to shoot! Their wedding and reception took place at the Westin South Coast Plaza. We started with some romantic pictures of their "first meeting" in the beautifully decorated lobby, where I also found a piano. You know what happens when I find a piano...

(you'll have to click here to see more from their slideshow)
Orange County wedding photos, pictures, photography at The Westin: Beth and Ryan Bautista wedding at Westin South Coast Plaza, CA
Wedding Photography at Westin South Coast Plaza, Orange County wedding photographer