November 07, 2007

Special Guest Jules Bianchi

Jules Bianchi came all the way down from Los Angeles to share her experience and knowledge with my wedding photography class at Cypress College. She's a talented speaker and mentor (be sure to check out Jules Cafe!), the students loved her and there was not a single empty seat in the room.

Jules gave an awesome presentation. She shared everything from her shooting techniques, to her digital workflow, branding and custom albums. She also had some great tips for outdoor and indoor lighting. Her album designs are simply amazing! I wished I got a shot of one. My personal highlight of the night was when she talked about being true to yourself. It is so important to live by what your say!

THANK YOU Jules! Here is our group action shot:


jules bianchi said...

THANK YOU, Greg, for inviting me to come down!! I had a great time meeting your class.

Bumatay said...

Jules you totally rocked! We should be thanking YOU.

Jeanette Sanchez said...

Hi Greg, I think this post is so cool...didn't even know you taught classes at a college!