March 23, 2008

Red Rock, NV

Note to self: Come back to Red Rock and plan to stay there all day (or two)

Just before leaving Las Vegas I decided to check out Red Rock, NV just west of the city. Oh man I was blown away by the beauty and immensity of this place! I managed to get a few shots before the sun went down, and left with regrets that I didn't come here sooner. I will definitely be back...


cesar perez said... rock! Nice work man!

nahol said...

wow you can do landscapes too?! very nice

Christine Farah Photography said...

awwwwwww man how did we miss each other?? I shot at red rock too and I didn't want to leave it was so darn amazing!

Michael C. Palma said...

Thanks for visiting my blog site Greg. Pleasure meeting you in Vegas too! Keep up the great work. We should shoot together sometime, along with Daniel Chin who was also at the AW, as he lives in Pasadena, and me, here in Silver Lake.

All the best,

Mike Palma

DonX2 said...

Thanks for the drop by and comment. You make me look at Vegas in a whole different way from your last few posts. Great work! I am heading out there in May for a week unless I get stopped at security for them thinking my lenses are mini bazookas!

c r y s t a l said...

That's awesome! Beautiful!

You suppose any ligers live out there?! ;P

So awesome hanging out in Vegas! Can't wait to hang out again!!

Bumatay said...

Hi Crystal! LOL

I thought I saw a liger, that's when I got my camera and ran away! Didn't wanna mess with one of those.

; )