June 03, 2008

e-session Long Beach, CA

One of the funnest couples I've met - Amber and Rod were so adorable during their engagement photo shoot in Downtown Long Beach! I really enjoyed watching them get into the "almost kiss" and then they'd break out into giggles. LOL! That's so cool to see two people in love that can be themselves and have a good time. I can't wait to see their wedding coming up in September at The Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa (check out this awesome venue below in Sam and Vanessa's wedding).

Oops hey! No kissing until your wedding day! = )

Tags: Amber and Rod's e-session (engagement photos) in Downtown Long Beach, The Pike, Pine Avenue, Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach Harbor, Shoreline Village, romantic pictures

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david & kimi baxter said...

gorgeous couple and really lovin the shots in front of that tangerine wall!!