June 05, 2008

e-session San Francisco, CA

Bill and Yvonne = a young hip couple who appreciates the finer things in life such as the Apple Store (see below), trying out something cool and different - this fun photo shoot in San Francisco, and doing the TTD (trash the dress) next to the Golden Gate Bridge! It was a blast flying out to the Bay Area and what made it so much more exciting was that my buddy Ed Pingol was able to join us.

We started the shoot in the middle of Downtown San Francisco, then Chinatown, and then we hooked up with Ed at the Golden Gate Park.

Two Apple fans in love...

Strobe lighting A La Ed Pingol!

And the last shot of the day at Baker Beach! Totally worth almost missing my flight for.

Tags: Bill and Yvonne's engagement pictures in San Francisco, TTD, Trash the Dress, Chinatown, Apple Store, Golden Gate Park, Baker Beach, Golden Gate Bridge romantic photos


Josh said...

That last shot is awesome! Dang I miss the ocean!

eliesa said...

Greg! That last shot is A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!!! Fabulous job! I also LOOOOOOVE the waterfall shots as well! KILLER!


Ricki Ford said...

OH MY GOSH! Once again I am blown away by your work.... Amazing! Dude you have got to tell me what you done to #9 #11 with the lighting and final touches. you can e-mail me if you like.

david & kimi baxter said...

dude!!! holy smokes!!! these are mad awesome!! is the 3rd to last shot one of the new revenge actions by the boutwells? or is that bumatay magic?

Deanna said...

WOW!!! Is all I can manage to say! You are so flippin awesome! I still aspire to shoot like you!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! great pics, i really admire your work. Please do you shoot with Nikon or Canon. I want to buy a new camera, i want to get your opinion since you are the pro. your help will be appreciated. thanks

Bumatay said...

Hey Ricki

Here are my settings (image #9) in Lightroom (should be very similar in CS3) editing my RAW file:
Temp: 8700K
Tint: 0
Exposure: 0
Recovery: 100
Fill: 100
Black: 20
Brightness: 0
Contrast: +50
Clarity: +100
Vibrance: 0
Saturation: -80
Vingette: -80
Midpoint: 40

image #11 was similar except for Vibrance: 10
Saturation: 10
and in photoshop I just played around with the blue sky and turned the purple shirt to gray


Kevin Gan said...

Wow love this series, has been checking you blog for some time, just cant resist to put a note here.

love the concept for these pictures.

good work!

Ryan said...

Oh my...Greg, that last shot is just phenomenal. Wow.