June 16, 2008

Site Updates

Just so you know my website is undergoing some major updates to a new bigger badder faster server platform. It's currently down at the moment but will be back up by tomorrow after the platform transfer. You may or may not see some images below due to all of my images being stored on my current server. In case you can't wait and you have to enter my main website, here it is (click here)

Until then here's a random of shot me by my buddy Ed Pingol

Thanks to Ed for editing out my pot belly! LOL


Miguel Pola said...

It ain't nothing a little liquify cant fix! ;)

Anonymous said...

nice booty

Ricki Ford said...

I have to do the same thing when a picture is taaking from my side view..lol

Miguel Pola said...

Cool Greg, you now have groupies. An ass fan! LOL

Ruby said...

LOL at an ass fan!

I loved photographing the SF bridge a few months ago and wish I had a picture of me like this one! So cool!

Perhaps I would have had ass fans too! HAHAHA!