August 21, 2008

The Huntington Hyatt Regency Wedding

Congratulations to Jiwon and Robin! You can view their preview pictures on their wedding slideshow (click here). Here are just a few of my favorites from their super elegant wedding:

"You're a tiger... be the tiger... rowwwrrrr" LOL!
We did their first meeting at The Huntington Beach Hyat Regency (still one of my all time favorite venues). This meeting between the bride and groom always becomes a special moment because it's the very first time they see each other (before the ceremony or anything else), their emotions are at peak, it's initmate, unrushed, and up close.

The ceremony took place at the Garden Grove United Methodist Church - which had gorgeous stained glass windows and tall ceilings.

Jiwon's bridesmaids were a bunch of hams - they had no problem doing a 'Vanity Fair' type of photo shoot!

Special guest shooter: David Baxter - thanks for coming up all the way from SD!
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Wai Reyes Photography said...

WOW! (Pardon me while I pick my jaw up off the floor). I love your attention to detail. Everything is just splendid!

Josh said...

Dude, that shot of them walking out after the ceremony is killer!

Karey Michelle said...

So stinking amazing Greg! I'm loving that moment you caught before they saw each other. Hope all is well!

ed pingol said...

awesome set, man. see you this weekend!


Ruby said...

your work is definetly on top of my list.

just gorgeous!

the one of the her veil flying over them should win an award.

Kristi @ KLK Photography said...

oh my goodness, that dress is gorgeous, you totally sold me this that dress shot :)
LOVE the pool table shot with the guys, haha!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

totally had a great time shooting with you my friend! you da man!
i may be givin you a call tomorrow. we're going to be up at disney meeting with a client. maybe we could hook up for a sec if you're around.

rowena said...