September 06, 2008

e-session Laguna Beach with Shelby and Joe

I'm back in Laguna Beach for more beach engagement photos! This time it's with Shelby and Joe. They were such a blast to shoot - I love how they interact and genuinely have fun together.

Shelby and Joe had such an awesome connection. I just pretty much let them be themselves and kept on shooting as they enjoyed the beach.

At the beginning of our photo shoot we were all hit by a wave so we were soaked from the start! What else is new with me right? Well it was kind of a bummer for Shelby because her it got her hair and makeup wet. But she was a trooper the whole time and didn't let anything keep her from having a good time.

Here's a shot right before a wave engulfed me and my poor camera...

My favorite capture of the day:

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Gina said...

Totally cool capture on that last one!

Raul Gonzales said...

amazing and beautiful!

Hoffmann Photographer said...

that last picture is SO great. the timing of that was perfect!