September 30, 2008

Super Special Guest Jasmine Star

Last week my wedding photography class at Cypress College was graced by a rising star - let me rephrase that - it was more like we were struck by a SUPERNOVA. We had the honor of having Jasmine Star come by to share and inspire my class as our special guest speaker. I met Jasmine a couple of years ago in the beginning stages of her photography career and immediately saw her passion for it. She is an incredibly lovable person, amazing photographer, and a genius writer. In less than two years she has built a fabulously successful business specializing in wedding photography and her blog is one of the most popular and influential resource to countless aspiring (and pro) photographers from all over the world!

During her talk she got right down to the nitty gritty of what made her such a huge success by sharing her story of how she got started in the industry, evaluated what her strengths and assets were, and figured out exactly what she wanted to do. A big part of her success comes through her ability to capitalize on what makes her unique and her branding.

Here's a snapshot I borrowed from her blog:

And one with the rowdy kids:

Jasmine THANK YOU so much for giving us so much of your time and knowledge!


Connie M. Chung said...

Hi Greg! it was very humbling to know that you visited my blog. :) and i will be in class EVERY thursday. LoL.

Jasmine said...

You rock. In more ways than one..thanks for being such a great friend! :)

Ruby said...

i adore her.

Mark Holladay said...

Just came across your blog, love your work, love the ocean shots.