September 10, 2008

The Wedding Photography Class at Cypress College

It's a new year, a new semester, and another rowdy bunch of uncontrollable college students!
Photography 104 C

I truly have a love for photography and a passion for teaching it. Why else would I put up with a classroom full of unruly college students? They throw stuff at me like gum, paper airplanes, and really bad jokes, and none of them listen to what I have to say. But I go on teaching anyways because it's what I love to do. OK, my students aren't really like that at all - they're all well mannered and eager to learn.

This semester I'm teaching wedding photography at Cypress College. The course will cover everything from shooting in manual, to the post process, creating a business plan, and marketing. There will also be an emphasis on having the skills to shoot in changing lighting situations and capturing storytelling images. I'll be posting more pictures as the semester progresses so stay tuned!


Raul Gonzales said...

Oh my..

we're floating on the net now? Ohh noes! Just kidding, what a great fun capture.. haha.. can't wait for more of these Greg! LOL

The Actual Joey Himself said...

I learned so much in your class from last year. I am glad you are still teaching.

Jonathan Hagely said...

Would you come to Arizona to teach a small group??? Love your work!

DonX2 said...

Greg... when does your E-Sessions Start?? I'll sign up! What about DVD's? Record your classes... David Ziser does em and I bet yours would be better!

I like that you still sneak in that scott kelby effect once in awhile!

elaine said...

Greg, how do i sign up for your class in cypress college? I live in anaheim so it's great to know you're teaching!

Bumatay said...

Haha thanks for the cool comments!

= )

Manuel Rios said...

Thanks for all the help!

Elmer Estimo said...

Hi Greg. Where can I learn more about the classes you teach? What months do you do this? I and 2 other friends would like to sign up for it.


Elmer Estimo