October 08, 2008

e-session Los Angeles

I had such a blast with Kristina and Raf during their engagement photo shoot in Los Angeles! They told me they felt a little nervous at the start of our shoot, but they warmed up pretty quick. It was fun walking around LA Union Station and finding interesting spots to shoot in that had great lighting.

The guard walked away for one minute - just enough time to sneak into the historic ticketing concourse (it's usually blocked off by security) to get a few shots...

Walking around the streets of Los Angeles...

Tags: Kristina and Rafael's engagement pictures in Downtown Los Angeles, esession urban style, Los Angeles photographer Greg Bumatay, engagement photos at Union Station


holly havenhill said...

They don' t look like they were nervous at all! What a fun shoot!!

Ruby said...

i love how you captured all the angles, compositions, lines and textures in every image. i'm such a fan of that stuff.

they are all remarkable.
like wow
like unreal
like holy schmoly.

beautiful greg.

Raul Gonzales said...

you know Greg; I love going to that train station! always has amazing ambient light all over, you captured some of these photos so amazing fun ways! but them being nervous? HA! I find that hard to believe lol :D