October 17, 2008

Jody and Lori's Wedding at The Irvine Hilton

I remember the first photo shoot I did for Lori and Jody in San Juan Capistrano - we had so much fun just walking around. I knew their wedding day would be the same - they can enjoy each other and just have fun. When they first saw each other I saw the biggest smile on Jody's face as they embraced. Here are some favorites from their wedding (I'll be posting their slideshow real soon):

Second Shooter: Neil Rosales - good times!
Tags: Lori and Jody's wedding at the Irvine Airport Hilton, CA. Orange County wedding photography, Irvine Hilton, first meeting with Lori and Jody


Ruby said...

The one of the bridesmaid pinning the bride's dress is WOW.

Your BW conversions are insane. The one of them far away between the trees is incredible.

Great work every where I turn Greg. :)

KaT said...

Just lovely!

Hoffmann Photographer said...

Hey those are some pretty creative ring shots. Kudos.