October 13, 2008

Photography 104: Composition

Just an update on the class - after learning the foundations of photography, we're spending more and more time outside shooting and practicing with manual mode settings. This past week's lecture and assignment was finding interesting compositions in any situation.
Composition: the photographer's choice in arranging the elements to show the image's intended meaning. What the photographer shows in his/her picture reflects their style and what they are trying to convey. Composition can include placement of elements, lighting, depth of field, and even the choice in shutter speed. During the class photo shoot, I encouraged my students to use (and design) negative space to lead a viewer's eyes to the subject. All these things combined can contribute to the mood or story that's being told. It's fun to go around and seeing how each person composes their picture differently from the next student.
Tags: Cypress College Wedding Photography Class 104C, photography composition, negative space, rule of thirds, the heavenly composition, learning digital photography


Neil Rosales said...

Awesome Greg ....Looks Like you have a good class. I know i have earned a lot from taking it...Let me know if you want us to get dressed up for a TTD.

Alvaro Galvan said...

wow that was very interesting, I really would have loved to be there

Euphoria Imaging said...

darn papparazzis ;) (however you spell it!)


even my teacher is one...

just kidding =)