February 28, 2009

e-session Downtown Los Angeles & Venice Beach

It's just so awesome to have a blast during my photo shoots! Gladys and Mike had picked out spots in Downtown Los Angeles and Venice Beach for their engagement pictures, so it was like touring parts of LA that I hadn't seen before. We started at their swanky loft - I had a chance to catch some shots of them during their video interview. Gladys and Mike seemed all ready for the camera!

You gotta check out this unbelievably HUGE rock! It's by far the biggest diamond engagement ring I've seen so far - I'd guess it's about 200 carats? LOL

Tags: Gladys and Mike's Engagement Pictures in Downtown Los Angeles, CA
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A. Lynn Photography said...

These are absolutely beautiful! You found the most amazing light, and I really love how you captured their personalities and love.

Ruby Rideout said...

the ones of the ring crack me up!!!!!

these are gorgeous as usual! So many different feels to them.

Dominoe Imus said...

Those images are gorgeous, they did an amazing job scouting locations to go!

Onada Photography said...

I love this session! Her outfit and the ring - LOL. you got awesome shots!

Ricki Ford said...

Thats a big rock! Great shots!