April 28, 2009

Nazli & Sia's Persian Wedding at Orange Hill

Nazli and Siavash held their ceremony and reception at The Orange Hill Restaurant in Southern California. The decor consisted of colorful details, exotic foods, and Persian confectioneries. The ceremony was a hoot - I couldn't understand a thing that was said, but everyone was having the time of their lives. It was such a happy occasion that was filled with laughter and the reception was just off the hook!

The view from Orange Hill

It was one of the wildest parties ever!

Tags: Nazli and Sia' wedding pictures at Orange Hill Restaurant, Persian Wedding Ceremony photos, Orange Hill Restaurant wedding, Orange County wedding photography by Greg Bumatay
Second shooter: Jon Ruiz - thank you so much for taking this on short notice, and you rocked!


Sarah Balderas said...

The shot of the B&G with her veil flying towards the camera/viewer - so awesome! It really adds depth and acts as a subtle framing device. Great job, Greg!

Kat Forsyth said...

Gorgeous stuff! I love the same one Sarah does, and the one above it is also a stunner!

ohana photographers said...

rocked another one my friend!

have you seen the new star trek flick? it's the bomb! must see in imax.