August 05, 2009

Debbie & Martin's Wedding at Stone Manor in Malibu

Congratulations to Debbie and Martin on their beautiful wedding! The setting was at the scenic Stone Manor atop the hills of Malibu. This place was completely set up for everything - Debbie got ready upstairs, the reception site was on a lawn overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and the reception set up was on one of the terraces around the mansion.

Martin chillin' with the boys on the putting range.

Debbie looked stunning in her wedding gown and she was ready to go!

The moment of anticipation, they had just opened the door, and Debbie got a glimpse of everyone awaiting her entrance...

Spectacular views all around.

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Sidney said...

You take AMAZING pictures.

Nataly Lemus said...

Absolutely stunning!

D&D Photography and Design said...

Such an amazing wedding! And the Bride & that fabulous dress are just pure awesomeness!