September 18, 2009

Wedding Photography Class @ Cypress College - Fall 2009

I'm really blessed to be able to teach at Cypress College! This fall semester I got a great group of eager students that compose of a wide range of backgrounds. Some are just starting out in the world of photography, ambitious to learn as much and as fast as they can. Some are more advanced or have even done pro gigs as photographers, enthusiastic about learning more about the business side and wanting to improve their photography skills. All are here to learn about wedding photography.

Guest Speaker: Jasmine Star!

To start off the semester with a BANG, we had the honor of having Jasmine Star as our special guest speaker. She WOWed the class with her personality and excellent presentation.

Jasmine showed us that the most important asset that we each had was our individual personality. She explained her business philosophy and how she leveraged her assets. She gave so much useful information but the best thing she talked about was being yourself. So true because nobody else has what you have.

And after each class lecture I typically would take some students out to shoot around campus. There's just no better way than to learn anything hands on.

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Studio 239 Photography said...

I've never taken a class like yours where I get really excited and eager to go to class. This class RULES!