August 05, 2010

Its Finally Up - Click Here to See the New BLOG

It's faster, better looking, smarter, and much more powerful! My New Blog is Finally live!

First thing I need to say is THANK YOU for being so patient with me - I know it took so long to get the new blog (click here) up and running.  I think I just got a bit too ambitious with programming the back end of it, made it too complex, added to many 'widgets', and it just wasn't very good.  I finally ended up using a ProPhoto Blog template and my world suddenly got better! If you're also looking to update or get a new blog, I highly recommend ProPhoto hands down.  The new one is faster, sleeker, way better, and definitely more powerful when it comes to being visible on the internet.  The best feature for me is that it is much easier to tweak now.  After all, I'm a wedding photographer not a web developer.  Check it out: Bumatay Studio Blog

Thank you for checking by, and be sure to update your link to the new blog, which is also my main url:

Also check out my Facebook Page and Twitter Updates on the latest wedding pictures, life portraits, and Bumatay Studio news.

February 26, 2010

New Blog Coming Soon!

Last Post!
Well, last post before the new blog announcement. I've been working feverishly to complete a bigger better smarter newer photo blog for your viewing pleasure. It's almost done, but I just need to tweak a few more details. Stay tuned to be the first to see it.

February 15, 2010

Happy Valentimes

Just a little surprise for Mommy from Rebekah and Joshua

Happy Valentimes from Greg Bumatay on Vimeo.