October 22, 2015

Best Wedding Photographer in Orange County

Best Wedding Photographer in Orange County

Striving to be the best wedding photographer is Los Angeles and Orange County involves more than just showing pictures.  Among things not even photo related, one must have a fair amount of savvy in marketing and keeping up with social media trends.  Any good student can learn photography from self study, from college or any other formal training.  This also stands true with business and marketing - any student can attend a college and earn a certificate in small business, or even a bachelor's degree.  But graduating with a photography or business degree is not enough.  The real world will pose a ton of unexpected challenges that can never be found in text books.

One of the biggest challenges an aspiring professional photographer will run into is marketing.  I always told my students (I taught Wedding Photography for several years at Cypress College) that you can be the worlds greatest artist alive (or be the Best Wedding Photographer in Orange County), but if nobody knows about you they will never see your work and talent.  If you're in it to make money (and I bet you are) you need to learn how to create demand for what you do.  Taking pictures, no matter how good you are, costs money.  You will have expenses in gear, travel, schooling, and countless miscellaneous things along the way.  In order to keep you passion alive, you must feed it.  You must create a demand for your work.  People must see what you do, love it to want to pay you for it, and be happy enough to willingly tell their friends about you.  You have the supply, now go out and create the demand through smart marketing.  Simple right?  It's never simple when it comes to marketing yourself.  There is a huge world of opportunities out there, especially in cyberspace.  And this online world is ever changing at a fast pace.  Marketing is a beast that you must conquer in order to succeed.

The newbie "professional photographer" will be overly eager to get out into the world and make lots of money while doing what they are passionate about.  Becoming the best wedding photographer may even be the ultimate goal.  Graduated or self taught "artists" will be excited to get out and create masterpieces.  They will reach out to friends and family for photography opportunities.  At no charge.  While anybody just starting out in any field must start somewhere, this is one trap that is difficult to get out of.  In the next article, I'll tell you how to avoid such pitfalls as this.  So stay tuned.

February 07, 2015

Kauai Destination Wedding Pictures

Kauai Destination Wedding Pictures

Kauai is one of the most beautiful places in the world and is the perfect choice for a romantic getaway. It is like being in paradise, no matter where you go on the island, there is always a scenic place. Joy and Ryan's wedding day took place in Lihue, followed by a photo shoot by Greg Bumatay along the coast all the way up to Hanalei Bay.
Click here to see the entire post about their Kauai Destination Wedding You can find the best destination wedding pictures there, plus some wedding ideas for Kauai, Hawaii. The beaches were so clear and the water warm - we could have taken photos all day long. The photo session in Kauai included doing trash the dress on the sandy beaches up and down Princeville, Hanalei Bay and near Na Pali Coast. This was one of my favorites photo sessions in all of Hawaii.

February 06, 2015

Professional Photographer in Fullerton, Orange County, California

Orange County Professional Photographer

Good news - I've decided to actively post on this blog again! I've come to realize that every site counts when dealing with SEO. I updated my main portfolio onto a wordpress site - see Bumatay Studio in order to show a better online experience and photo portfolio, but ended up neglected this Blogger page. Soon after I did that it seems that my overall search engine ranking fell down the ladder. This Blogger site had a decent page rank and it was showing up in many first page searches on Google. Those search phrases included: Orange County Wedding Photographer, Destination Wedding Photography, Fullerton Professional Photographer, and beach engagement pictures.

I am a professional photographer based out of Fullerton but ready to travel for destination weddings and special events outside of Southern California. My photo services include executive portraits, real estate stills and video, corporate branding, charity events, community outreach, and creative images for marketing uses. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions. I'd love to hear from you.